goins313a (Steve Helber/Associated Press)

The biggest surprise of this week in D.C. sports isn’t the Caps’ collapse, or the Redskins’ inaction, or the fact that Mike Wise wrote a column on the team’s name.

No, the biggest surprise is how many people have thanked me for writing about the James Madison basketball team. Who knew? I sure didn’t. No one had ever previously asked for additional James Madison coverage, but now it’s a Duke Dog Fest all over the place. Start wearing purple, everybody.

In that spirit — the spirit of giving the people what they want — let me present this great postgame interview with forward Rayshawn Goins. I mentioned his quote in my roundup of terrific JMU celebratory images, but the quote doesn’t really sing unless you watch Goins deliver it yourself.

“JMU Dukes, CAA champions, first time since 1994,” the interviewer said, with all the emotion of a manilla folder. “How does it feel?”

“Like LeBron said when he won a championship, it’s About. Damn. TIME!!!!” Goins screamed. “It’s been 20 years since JMU was able to win a championship, man. It means a lot, man. Words can’t even explain what it means, man. It’s a great feeling…JMU Nation, man. Start wearing purple, man….We thank JMU Nation. WE GOIN DANCIN!!!!!”

I mean, man. Man.