When I first started writing about the Nats’ new Ultimate Ballpark Access cards, I noted that this year’s season ticket holder gift would be an Opening Day commemorative display ticket with an acrylic holder.

Well, fans are starting to receive their packets, and one fan asked me why his commemorative ticket doesn’t have price and seat information, and is labeled a “keepsake” rather than a ticket.

Fact is, these gift things do not grant access to Nats Park on Opening Day, as noted on that little yellow sticker affixed to the holder. (FOR DISPLAY ONLY: This commemorative keepsake does not grant access to Opening Day 2013 at Nationals Park,” the text reads.) And with the team debuting a brand new ticketing system for season ticket holders, you can see why they’d want to eliminate any possible confusion that might be caused by putting row and seat information on a gift that’s meant only to be displayed.


Regardless, as season ticket holders open up their magical red boxes, this is the rest of what they’ll see.

(Images via @DupontCircleDC and @seanmmcnally)