I was driving past the newish Georgetown Nike store on Thursday morning, when I noticed a large display honoring both the Hoyas and Duke basketball on the M Street windows.

The Hoyas I get. But Duke? Unless my fan radar has gone the way of Alex Ovechkin’s reputation, Duke remains slightly less popular than stink bugs and Ginkgo trees in this town.

If there were any question that the stamp of Dukedom is everlasting, Wednesday night’s Wizards game should have ended it. The Wizards were cruising to a win, with a late-game double-digit lead. The crowd was intimate, the result largely insignificant, the drama negligible. But then arose a mighty cry from near and wide: “J.J. Sucks! J.J. Sucks! J.J. Sucks!”

This chant, perfectly audible on television, had nothing to do with the Milwaukee Bucks. It had everything to do with Duke.

“And the fans here expressing their appreciation to J.J. Redick,” Steve Buckhantz observed.

“That’s really something else,” Phil Chenier said with a jolly chuckle.

The fourth-best free-throw shooter in the NBA missed his first attempt. Fans rejoiced.

(Thanks to CSN Washington for the video. As first noted by the Nexus.)