These lovely mementos from the CAA tournament are a polyester-cotton blend, with double-needle hemmed sleeves, a fishtail bottom and a screen-printed logo. The pleasant, two-toned theme provides a striking visual, featuring matching sleeves and collars, while the CAA tournament logo reminds fans that “The Road Starts Here.”

The shirts come in six sizes: $24.98 for small, medium, large or extra-large, and a bit more for XXL or XXXL. They are reminders of those magical few moments each March when the postseason is about to begin, when every team is peaking down the tunnel into the bright lights of a sparkling arena, and when the dreams of every locker room and every fan base are limitless and magical.

Also, Towson and UNC Wilmington were both ineligible for this year’s CAA tournament due to low APR scores.

Update: A reader points out that these shirts are gender neutral and thus appropriate for the conference’s women’s tournament. Still.

(Via @PatsonPatsonPat)