A few weeks ago, Gio Gonzalez announced his part in the MLB2K13 Perfect Game Challenge with a promo video about his own “perfect thumbs.” Apparently he has now decided to go with a smear campaign, taking some jabs at Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw in his latest spot.

“Clayton Kershaw wants you to think that he’s the best pitcher for the MLB2K13 Perfect Game Challenge? Let’s take a look at how perfect he really is,” Gonzalez says, before showing a series of simulated home runs given up by the video game version of Kershaw.

“Way to go, Clayton. Kicked out of the game, once again. Just like his senior prom.”

He also tweeted the video with some more light-hearted insults.


Hey, don’t sleep on stale bread. Makes great croutons.

Kershaw takes a stab at some Gio-directed trash talk in his own video, but he clearly needs some lessons. Giancarlo Stanton joins the fun with a “Gio Gonzalez? He’s just way too short.” Burn.

Here’s the ad. It’s no Bryce Harper reciting poems and hissing with a rose in his teeth, but the campaign is young.