Rob Carr/Getty Images


This is from last week, but I’ve been on vacation so it’s new to me. Also, it’s awesome.

Martell Webster debuted a new post-dunk celebration that he’s dubbed “Unveiling the Wizard.” And if you think it looks like Cam Newton’s Superman celebration, you’re right.

“Listen, there’s no copyright infringement here,” Webster said, via Bullets Forever. “I made it up on the spot. Having some fun. It may have been Cam Newton-esque, but it definitely wasn’t his move. I call it ‘Unveiling the Wizard.'”

Webster elaborated a bit more on today’s Courtside Report.

“‘Unveiling the Wizard isn’t my move,” he told Jumoke Davis. “It’s a move I made up, but it’s for all of us to use and for all of us to utilize. You do it after a dunk, after a power dunk, and you can Unveil the Wizard.”

That’s so much better than finger guns, no?

This gif, also from Bullets Forever (via @Wiz_Spurtin), shows the inaugural move, along with John Wall’s amazing reaction.