(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)


You know Bill Ladson, right? He’s the Nats beat writer for MLB.com, a nice man who interacts with fans, makes fun of fellow beat writers, and is on a lifelong quest to become the jinxiest jinxer in the history of jinxes.

Let’s review.

During Game 5 against the Cardinals, he posted this tweet in the ninth inning.

Then, as the Redskins got ready to play the Cowboys in the regular season finale, he posted this.


You’ll note that neither of these events came to pass, in the traditional sense, judged on what actually transpired on the planet Earth. He also had an opinion on the 2013 hockey season, via @joshcvt.


And now, with the Nats on the verge of their first season as bona fide favorites to make the playoffs and contend for a World Series, the good Mr. Ladson decided to unleash this puppy on the world.

Indeed. Also, the Caps are going to crush the Penguins in Pittsburgh Tuesday night, the Wizards are not going to lose on their upcoming road trip, Georgetown is fixin’ to go to the Final Four, Maryland will be retroactively granted a berth in the NCAA tournament, the Mystics will finish with a winning record, The Post’s circulation is going to go up next year, I’m going to win the lottery, you’re going to win the lottery, the Wizards are going to win the Lottery and Kilgore is going to win a Pulitzer. Another Pulitzer, I mean.

And as each of these things happen, Bill Ladson will be there. Will you?