Fred Davis’s never-ending legal journey took another step last week, during a non-jury trial before a judge at D.C. Superior Court. Among the other hotly contested issues was whether Davis actually threw a container at his accuser, Makini R. Chaka, during their club confrontation more than two years ago. Luke Mullins of Washingtonian provided this blow-by-blow from court:

According to Chaka…Davis threw the pitcher at her, injuring her lip. “He threw the [pitcher] at me like a football,” Chaka said.

Davis repeatedly denied throwing the bottle, even after a video of the incident was shown in court clearly showing that Davis threw the bottle at Chaka. (I personally saw the video footage of the incident played at least four times in court.)

“I didn’t throw the bottle—the bottle came out of my hand,” he said at one point.  “I released it, I didn’t throw it. I didn’t throw it at her. Period.”

Clearly, the only just solution to this dispute was to put the video in question on YouTube and let us all make up our own minds. And thus, Chaka’s representation put the video on YouTube and posted it on her firm’s Web site over the weekend. She also e-mailed the clip to multiple media members, including me.


When I asked why they put the video up, I was referred to an order of the court dated Friday the 15th. Associate Judge Laura A. Cordero noted that “the media has made a request to obtain a copy of this public record,” and that “the request from the media is supported by case law from the United States Supreme Court and from this jurisdiction. Therefore, Plaintiff shall provide two copies of the recording marked as Plaintiff’s Exhibit 1 to this Court by Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.”

And thus, here’s the video. Judge for yourself. And yes, the incident is more than two years old, but I can think of better headlines for a guy attempting to get a contract.

(First posted by The Big Lead.)