Courtesy of the Washington Nationals. Courtesy of the Washington Nationals.

Longtime Nats in-game host Clint Khoury — who has missed only a handful of the team’s home games over his six seasons in the job — will have a reduced role this season, due to outside work obligations.

“Clint has an opportunity to further his career and this advancement will require him to travel,” a team spokeswoman said in a statement. “Therefore he will be unable to be a part of all Nationals home games this season. He will remain a member of the Game Entertainment staff, periodically filling in as host as well as appearing in various video packages and outside events. Clint has proved to be a great asset and a true friend of the Washington Nationals and we look forward to having him back for his seventh season, albeit in a lesser capacity.”

Reliable Source provided some background on Clint in 2010; one excerpt:

An Ohio native who moved here [in 2005], Khoury tried out for the gig in early ’07 after being tipped off by a pal who knew he wanted to break into broadcasting. They had him play some goofy games, do an impromptu commercial and apparently he had what it takes. “The right blend,” he said, “of funny and annoying.”…

“I think some of the angst about the in-game host character that is Clint stems from the fact that baseball is a very traditional game….There are fans that don’t need the games and the giveaways, but there are fans who really enjoy that….Clearly, the game, the athletics are the most important part, and we wouldn’t want to do anything that takes away from that. I see this as an accent to the main course.”

In a related story, the MLB Team Jobs web site was recently advertising for the position of Nats in-game host.

“The In-Game Host is essential to the gameday experience at Nationals Park,” the ad read in part. “This position hosts a 30 minute pre-game show (Inside Pitch Live), as well as all of the in-game promotions. The Host is responsible for getting fans excited by engaging them with various games and prizes.”

The host, according to the ad, also must bring “on-going creativity to the role by constantly searching for ways to reinvent themselves while staying within the framework of their character.”

The deadline for applying was last Friday.

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