Since my pal Dave McKenna penned the epic tale of Adrian Dantley serving as a crossing guard for a Silver Spring middle school last week, the world has virtually demanded video of Adrian Dantley serving as a crossing guard for a Silver Spring middle school.

Here, via WTOP, is one such video.

“It’s pretty fun, especially with the little ones,” Dantley told the station, adding that he plans to do this job for 20 years. “I could sit around the house. I could do that, I don’t want to do that.”

McKenna, of course, has much more background on Dantley’s life and career. And as long as we’re dredging up weirdness, here’s an excerpt from a 1977 story one Thomas Boswell wrote for The Post about D.C. super fans:

[They include] a Howard public-address announcer named “Wolfman” who taught Adrian Dantley how to play dirty and calls himself “the one and only Mecca for those seeking the truth about deep ball.”….

Harris smiled, the master of all he chooses to survey, the self-proclaimed honcho of Washington basketball junkies. After all, who invented Glenn Harris basketball, the version on the game in which two players go one-on-one with no fouls called and no holds barred? “It made Adrian Dantley a player,” the burly Harris always says.

So, so weird, all of it.


* The Wizards vomited up an old-school Wizards performance in an ugly loss to the Bobcats.

* Alex Ovechkin talks about the most significant transition of his career.

* Amazingly, the Nats will have three every-day players in the outfield on Opening Day for the first time ever.


Sorry, Randy. Sorry about everything. Via @Truth_About_It.


Bradley Beal, on the dud:

““We didn’t play defense at all. We didn’t know what we were doing. We were switching on guys we shouldn’t have switched on. We weren’t denying, we weren’t contesting. Our defensive effort wasn’t good at all.”


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