When the Capitals were awarded a pair of consecutive two-minute power plays in the third period Tuesday night, everyone immediately decided that those four minutes would decide the game. If the Caps scored, the visiting team would ride that momentum and a generic distaste for Matt Cooke to an impressive road win over one of the NHL’s hottest teams. If the Penguins held, their newly awakened home crowd would cheer loud enough to make the boys in dark sweaters skate faster, or hit harder, or shoot more accurately, or otherwise pull away from the pesky Caps.

Sure enough, the power plays fizzled, Cooke emerged, and the Penguins immediately scored the game-winning goal. And every single person in the universe said “I knew that was going to happen.”

And just then, unfortunately, it was time for Comcast SportsNet to hand out its Sport Fan of the Game award, an honor typically bestowed to some brave soul wearing the visiting team’s colors during a Caps road game.

This guy was chosen. His look, initially, was sort of generic unhappiness, presumably because his team had just taken one in the gut, or maybe because life is just not fair. But as the segment continued, the gentleman’s mannerisms transformed that generic unhappiness into something loftier, a more picturesque nausea, an unwillingness to grapple with two months of Capital disappointments, and/or inevitable death.

Honestly, having watched the guy’s moment in the spotlight multiple times, he might just have been rubbing his eyes. But the image about perfectly sums up the Caps’ entire performance to-date, which is why this gentleman receives my nod for Sport Fan of the Season.

It’ll be ok, good sir. Everything will be ok.