Martell Webster has done a lot to endear himself to Wizards fans. Enthusiastically coaching a Special Olympics basketball game, for instance. Or letting a kid reporter call him Marty.

Last night in Phoenix, he added another member to his fan club. While chasing a ball heading out of bounds, Suns guard P.J. Tucker launched himself over the front row of fans to avoid landing on a little kid sitting courtside. While waiting for arena employees to pick up Tucker and clean the resulting mess, Webster approached the shaken kid, handed him the game ball to hold and encouraged the crowd to cheer for him.

All together now: Awwwwww.

On other fun news from that game, cameras caught a Suns fan asleep at the game and waking himself up with the ‘ol head bob. We’ve all done it. Just not on live television.

(second video via TBJ)