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RGIII’s latest ‘All in for Week 1’ ad

Adidas has released another Robert Griffin III spot for their “All in for Week 1” campaign. It features a lot of the same footage we’ve seen, but adds this RGIII voiceover:

Are you all in for week one? All eyes are gonna be on you. That’s definitely certainly true for me. So I want all the eyes to be there. I definitely want everyone to see me out there working, knowing that I’m getting better. You don’t start preparing for week one when it shows up. You start preparing now. Every day you go to practice is like a game day. Get out there, pull some tires, run some hills. Do whatever you gotta do to make sure you’re getting better every day. Are you all in for week on?

I can definitely appreciate what they’re going for here, but maybe we should save some love for Weeks 2-17? No team ever made the playoffs because of Week 1.