Surely you remember seeing that giant inflatable Caps player on that Georgetown rooftop as you crossed the Key Bridge last spring? A refresher:

Jack Davies lives in a house in Georgetown overlooking the Key Bridge. This means that, for most commuters, the Davies home is a sort of tantalizing mirage from the promised land, a taunting wink from a magical place that floats above the horns and brake lights and gridlock.


That’s why Davies decided to order a 20-foot inflatable Santa Claus last winter and install it on his roof deck, facing out over the river….[Later] Davies — the founder of AOL International and a minority owner of the Washington Capitals for nearly a decade — came up with his next inflatable idea: a hockey player in Caps red, bringing playoff cheer to frustrated morning commuters.

Davies, in his early ’60s, lives on Prospect Street; his 20-foot Caps dude was visible from the Key Bridge, from Rosslyn, from the GW Parkway and from airplanes;

I haven’t spoken to him yet, but lo and behold, the Caps Man has now given way to Giant Georgetown Mascot. I’m assuming all his previous reasons still hold: making commuters smile, “doing this to perform a public service, and “offer[ing] a little boost for the [Hoyas].”

Or, as one driver put it, “If [you’re] on key bridge going into Georgetown peep the bulldog on the dopest crib..dudes caked up.”

(Big pic via @GUStonewalls. Next pic via @mcrafts13. Bottom pic via @FutureNickJames)