John Wall’s eventful weekend — in which he had one of the best games in his career during a massive comeback victory over the Lakers, and then got two technical fouls and an ejection during a strange loss to the Warriors — can be nicely summarized in two visuals.

Here he is, making Steve Nash fall down and hitting a jump shot. If he ever does that consistently, it’s game over. Of course, we’ve known that for years, which doesn’t make this any less pleasant to watch. Via @Wiz_Spurtin.


And here he is cursing out Klay Thompson, eventually leading to his second technical foul. Via Michael Lee:

After getting bumped to his backside and sliding on the hardwood, Wall quickly hopped up and circled Thompson’s direction, ignoring teammate Emeka Okafor’s attempts to get him to calm down. Wall had taken a hit to the noggin from Thompson while trying a layup on the previous possession. So as he approached Thompson, Wall shouted, “Go to the basket and I swear to God, I’ll knock your…out.”

Thompson leaned over and grabbed his shorts.  Wall moved closer, towering over Thompson as he nodded and repeatedly shouted, “Go to the basket! Go to the basket!”

A close listen appears to have Wall also using a seven-letter word beginning with “A” during that rant.