(Courtesy of Washington Wizards)


It has been 35 years since the Wizards won their championship with the 1978 Bullets team. To celebrate, fans in attendance on April 6 with get a replica championship ring, pictured above. I know there are myriad “Well, since we can’t win a real ring…” jokes to be made, but these rings are actually kinda cool.

According to a release from the team, Irene Pollin will be in attendance at the game, along with championship team members Greg Ballard, Phil Chenier, Bob Dandridge, Kevin Grevey, Elvin Hayes, Tom Henderson, Joe Pace, Wes Unseld, Phil Walker, Larry Wright, vice president Jerry Sachs, general manager Bob Ferry, head coach Dick Motta, athletic trainer John Lally and radio analyst Frank Herzog.

Final Four games are also on April 6. That’s pretty tight competition.