Sarah noted a few hours ago that Sports Illustrated’s cover story this week predicts the Nats will win the World Series. Turns out ESPN the Magazine is taking the same approach, as seen above. If that little graphic isn’t quite grandiose enough for your taste, The Mag’s team-by-team preview section positions the Nats between 88 and 98 wins, and adds this quote from Curt Schilling.

“This is the most talented team in the National League,” he says. “They could have a Braves-like run in them for the next five, six, seven, eight or nine years.”

Only that?

As for SI, it’s not like there’s unanimity about the Nats at America’s premier sports weekly. I mean, only five of the magazine’s seven experts have the Nats in the World Series, and only four have them winning it all. Cynics.

In a profile on why the Nationals will win the World Series, senior writer Tom Verducci says that the they look a lot like manager Davey Johnson’s 1986 Mets team—and that the similarities will extend through October.
Verducci writes: “Like the ’86 Mets, the 2013 Nationals are the best team on paper at the start of the season. And like that championship team, Washington has young power pitching, a deep bullpen with multiple closers, a blend of power and speed, and an unmistakable swagger.”

And of course, by the time the Nats win the World Series, the Redskins will be something like 8-1, having won 15 of their past 17 games. Might as well just ask for the entire fall off from work. You, I mean. I’ll be busy losing my mind.