By Alex Brandon/AP.
(Alex Brandon/AP)


Plenty of people have unearthed plenty of absurd John Wall nuggets in the wake of his 47-point explosion Monday night. For example:

* John Wall is two months younger than Damian Lillard. (@jeskeets)

* Last season, John Wall made 3-of-42 attempts from behind the arc. In the last 10 games, he’s made 8-of-12 attempts. (@algaldi)

* Only 26 times since 1985 has an NBA player scored at least 47 points with at least 8 assists and at least 7 rebounds. The players who have done that: LeBron James (6 times), Kobe Bryant (3 times), Michael Jordan (3 times), Larry Bird (3 times), Dwyane Wade (2 times), Gilbert Arenas (2 times), Dale Ellis, Devin Harris, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Tony Parker, Paul Pierce, and John Wall. (@bulletsforever)

That’s all just the appetizer for this video, a Comcast SportsNet compilation of all 47 points in just 140 seconds.