“GEORGETOWN BRO,” Tweeted Deadspin’s Timothy Burke during halftime of the Creighton-Duke game on Sunday. “Now is not the time for pride.”

Indeed, there was GEORGETOWN BRO — aka Blommer Science Library supervisor Phil Sites — proudly holding up his Georgetown hoodie during an NCAA tournament session the second-seeded Hoyas were sitting out.

“I was easily the only Georgetown fan I could see (I encountered one in the crowded walkways of the Wells Fargo Center),” Sites wrote on his travel blog. “And I stuck out – especially when I got on TV.”

So what’s the deal here? As Sites explained on his blog and in an e-mail to me, he had bought tickets for Sunday’s session assuming the Hoyas would be playing. He bought seats near the front, since he works with several members of the band and wanted to be near them. He was staying with his parents in Delaware for the weekend, and had packed just two outfits, planning to wear his Georgetown hoodie to the game.

Except the Hoyas bowed out of the tournament on Friday night, while Sites was still driving north.

“But I had spent a good deal of money on a courtside seat, and dammit, I was going to go anyway,” he explained in his e-mail.

The 31-year old Georgetown fan — whose sister and dad both went to the school — turned out to be sitting in a perfect spot to get on television during halftime interviews. And so, he “decided to show off my Georgetown pride anyway (and maybe send some good spirit back to a somewhat depressed campus).”

So he cheered loudly for FGCU. He displayed his Georgetown garb during halftime interviews with both San Diego State’s Steve Fisher and Creighton’s Greg McDermott. And he was thus mentioned by dozens of hoops fans on Twitter.

“Wonder if he realizes they were the biggest disappointment this weekend?” one person asked. “#epicfail,” someone else wrote. “Lol dude,” wrote a third person. (See many more of the comments here.)

But Sites was fine with that reaction.

“The world is a scary place!” he wrote on his site. “Big Brother is watching! Oh, and go Hoyas!”