I was talking to Syracuse forward Rakeem Christmas in the locker room of Verizon Center on Wednesday about any secret talents his teammates might have (because we’re the Bog, you see), and he had a suggestion for me.

“You should talk to Russ [DeRemer],” he said. “He’s a food guy.”

Cool, I thought. He’s probably a foodie, or a good cook, or something normal like that. It turns out he is the sort of fellow who likes food challenges. As in, “Can I eat this 10-pound cheeseburger in 15 minutes?” kind of challenges.

I began to ask the sophomore guard about such adventures when one of his teammates popped into the conversation holding a bowl of fruit. And that’s when an already quirky conversation turned into the Syracuse Men’s Basketball Banana Challenge (working title).

DeRemer’s teammates started handing him bananas and decided it would be fun to find out how many he could eat in 60 seconds. Syracuse junior guard Nolan Hart acted as the official timekeeper, while sophomore forward Albert Nassar took the job of banana peeler.

At the command “Go,” DeRemer began shoveling bananas down his gullet. He got to four before he tapped out. And of course, our awesome video guy, Nick Plum, got it on tape.

Take a look at the madness if you dare. The best part is an off-camera teammate yelling “This is your shining moment!”