The Fred Davis legal intrigue will, apparently, never ever ever end. Not that I’m complaining.

Remember last week, when everyone posted video of the Fred Davis drink-tossing club confrontation, as provided by the lawyer for his accuser, Makini R. Chaka?

Well, now Washingtonian has the full video, which includes not just Davis winging a beverage at Chaka, but also Chaka pre-winging a beverage at Davis. (See below, about 16 seconds in.)

“The law firm did not release the entire video, only the portion of the footage showing Davis dumping juice on and throwing a bottle at their client,” wrote Washingtonian’s Luke Mullins, the world’s foremost Fred Davis Legal Drama reporter. “The Washingtonian has obtained the complete footage, which includes an earlier exchange from the same evening in which Chaka throws a drink on Davis.”

Indeed, the footage pretty clearly shows Chaka throwing a drink on Davis, before cutting away and later returning to the later scene, in which Davis throws a drink on Chaka.

“The earlier episode isn’t legally relevant to the action that is currently before the court,” Chaka’s lawyer wrote to Mullins, explaining further that there is no counter claim about Chaka assaulting Davis with drink, and that one drink throw does not legally justify a counter-dousing “because Davis had sufficient time to cool off before returning.”

I mean, why would he need time to cool off from a dousing? Shouldn’t the drink have provided all the cooling he needed? Was she actually throwing a hot toddy at him? Are hot toddies best made with bourbon or rum? Am I correct in viewing Chaka as resuming her dancing activities almost immediately after flinging drink at Davis? Am I also correct that Davis reacts by clutching at his eyes in agony, as if they had been sprayed with vinegar? Was there possibly a pickletini involved? Why is olive juice so much more common in martinis than pickle juice? What would be the worst drink to be doused with during a club confrontation, anyhow? Could we please get 10,000 more hours of court transcripts to deal with these and other questions?