If there’s one thing Georgetown fans probably would not want to read this week — besides praise for Syracuse running a squeaky-clean program that does everything with class — it would probably be an ex-Orange star attempting to diagnose the Hoyas’ recent postseason problems.

And yet, here it is.

“You know what it is for me, I don’t think they’re playing Georgetown basketball,” Derrick Coleman told LaVar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan before Thursday night’s Verizon Center games. “With John Thompson III, he’s running that Princeton offense, and sometimes that works. But me personally, I’m not accustomed to see Georgetown come down, run a set, run the shot clock down to 10 [seconds], 7 [seconds], and then go and get a shot. They run, [use] that pressuring defense. And when they get it, hey man, we gone.

“Just like in boxing, styles make the fights,” Coleman continued. “[You] run up to the teams that Georgetown’s playing against, and it’s just a different style of basketball. And you saw those guys at Florida Gulf Coast? They were just playing, man, they were just having fun. Even just watching them on the bench, their whole bench is up, everybody’s clapping, laughing, joking, they’re doing the chicken. They’re just having fun playing basketball, because they’re playing like, you know what? We’re free, we don’t have anything to lose.”

Whether or not that’s an accurate description of the problem, Coleman went on to speak with great fondness about both Georgetown and John Thompson Jr., saying that Alonzo Mourning and Patrick Ewing were two of the first people who called him after his recent heart issues, and that he was happy to see Thompson and Jim Boeheim chatting on Wednesday.

“That respect factor is still there,” Coleman said. “Then I saw Coach Thompson at the Big East Tournament. Me and Billy [Owens] was walking, going to our seats, and I stopped, and I’m like you know what, I’m gonna go say hi to coach. So I hugged him and I kissed him on the check, but he didn’t know it was me. So when he turned around, he looked at me like boy, you know you ain’t supposed to be doing that. I hate you and you love you so just give me a hug and go on to your seats.’ ”

(Say what you will about Coleman: he actually does a fairly passable Thompson impersonation. Listen to the audio here.)

“I tease Coach Thompson all the time, I’m like Coach you know what, I got a letter from everybody growing up when I was in school — I never got a letter from Georgetown., Coleman continued. “And mind you, I had a Georgetown Hoyas Starter jacket and everything. I’m like Coach, why you never recruited me?

“He’s like Derrick, I had a crazy boy from Detroit going to school here, and I said once he got out of school at Georgetown I would never recruit another crazy person from Detroit.”

As for Syracuse playing for a Final Four berth on Georgetown’s home court while the Hoyas are home, well, Georgetown fans aren’t interested in that either, I’d imagine.

“It’s great,” Michael Carter-Williams said. “As a Syracuse player, having Georgetown out and us rolling is just an awesome thing….John Thompson’s a great coach, and I even heard he said he wanted us to win. I don’t know how much that’s true, but maybe he’s rooting for the Big East.”

(Image via @BodeMode1067.)