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Ryan Zimmerman is the now-and-forever Face of the Franchise, so it was natural that a massive banner of an unforgettable walk-off Zimmerman home run would greet fans when they first entered Nats Park in 2008. The moment had come from RFK Stadium, in June of 2006.

Via The Diamond Diva:

In the bottom of the 9th, with the Yankees leading 2-1, Marlon Anderson singled, and then Ryan Zimmerman hit a walk-off home run. Final score: Nationals 3, Yankees 2. The celebration at home plate was immortalized in a mural above the Scoreboard Walk at Nationals Park. For many Nationals fans, this victory over the Yankees (on Father’s Day), and this series win, is one of the highlights of the Nationals brief history in Washington.

And via Svrluga’s game story:

When ball met bat, with a father’s intuition, Keith Zimmerman rose from his seat with the rest of the announced crowd of 45,157 — the largest to see a single baseball game at the old stadium — and cheered….His 10th homer ended a classic game between the storied Yankees — who were responsible for packing the stadium with their rabid fans — and the upstart Nationals, who are trying to establish what those in the Bronx take for granted, a passionate baseball following. Yesterday would be a good place to start.

Now, there’s a new banner greeting fans behind that same Nats Park scoreboard. It comes from the pretty obvious new No. 1 choice for most memorable game in Nats history. (Via @Nationals.)

Below, two images of the old Zimmerman walk-off banner. The first is by Dave Shepherd (via here), the second by Andrew Clem (via here). There’s also a distant shot of the new Werth banner, by amateur photographer F.P. Santangelo.

By Dave Shepherd.