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Josh Morgan’s godmother, Sonya Strickland, is a breast cancer survivor. She’s also the most important woman in his life, so when he was asked to be a race ambassador for Susan G. Komen, he agreed.

The Redskins receiver, who was named the Walter Payton Man of the Year partly due to his community service, attended an event this week for the organization and gave a touching speech in honor of Strickland. He walked up to the podium with notes, but rarely used them as he spoke to the group of cancer survivors.

The video is below, but here are some excerpts.

“To be here today, representing this purpose, this cause, is very near and dear to my heart. As she said, because I have someone that, basically, is my everything. Sonya Stirckland, she’s my best friend. She’s my mother. She’s not my biological mother, but there’s family outside of family. We all know that. She basically took me in, she basically raised me. She’s the reason I’m standing here today. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. If it wasn’t for her and her husband, right now I’d probably not be seeing any of y’all. Honestly, they’d probably be telling you about me on the news or something, that’s the kind of life I was living before I met them.

“People need to see God-like acts staring them in the face. People need to see things like that to have some type of hope, some type of faith. When people see the many survivors out here, that gives a lost of the people that just got diagnosed, that gives a lot of people all the motivation in the world just to go out there and be strong. Be the strong, beautiful women that you are.

“I’ve seen my godmother overcome so much. And everybody’s giving me all this type of praise because of what I do out there on Sunday and because of the hits I take and because of what I do in the community, and everything like that. It’s basically because of everything they raised me to be. Everything they gave me. Everything I’ve seen her overcome. Honestly and truly, I could say it anytime and all day. She’s the strongest person I’ve ever met in my life. People praise me about strong this, and mentally tough, but I learned from her. I learned because of what I’ve seen her go through. And I didn’t even know the half of it, because she’s so strong and proud that she didn’t want me to worry about nothing. She just wanted me to go out there and play football and stay out of trouble.

“People need y’all. People think they need us out there playing football on Sundays. Some people use that as some type of cure for whatever they’re going through in life. Watching football on Sunday, that sometimes helps them. But people need y’all a lot more. People need to hear y’all’s stories, need to see y’all smiling, need to y’all’s beautiful faces. People need to see everything y’all are and everything y’all have overcome. People need to hear y’all stories. That’s all I really have to say.”