(Alex Brandon/AP)


Marquette big man Chris Otule provided 11 points and 3 rebounds in just 15 minutes Thursday night, as the Golden Eagles swept past Miami into the Elite Eight.

After the game, Otule was among the most talkative players in the Marquette locker room, holding court for one camera after another. Teammates told me I should ask him to sing “My Girl” into my phone. So sure, I did. Here’s the audio.

Turns out Otule had also put on a vocal performance for Jeff Goodman earlier in the week. Plus Goodman wrote a fascinating story about the kid. Me, I just hit record on my phone.

Bear in mind he was in game uniform, and had no prior warning. Nice vibrato, too.

In other Marquette news, it turns out that star guard Vander Blue refers to himself as “Sosa,” for reasons that are unclear to teammates.

“He thinks his nickname is Sosa,” Derrick Wilson told me. “He likes for people to call him Sosa, like Sammy Sosa. He calls himself that. Like, if we go to Chick-fil-A, you know how they ask for your name? He’ll be like Sosa. He just likes to be called Sosa.”