(Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)


Denard Span’s family rolls deep.

Span has 21 family members in attendance at Nats Park today, all wearing “Span Fan” T-shirts.

“It’s nice,” said Span’s mother, Wanda Wilson, about her son’s debut at Nats Park. “Nice, and very exciting.”

The family members have two rows to themselves in the lower level of the park. Most came from New York, with two cousins coming in from California, and I’m told that we should get used to seeing 21 Span Fans at Nationals Park.

“Or more,” laughed Span’s father, Stanley Wilson, when I asked if they’d be showing up in such numbers again.

As for what Nats fans can expect from Span, Wanda was able to sum it up.

“Humble,” she said, of her son. “If I had to put it into one word. He’s very humble.”

And popular with the cousins, apparently.

Margaret Lee, cousin of Denard Span. (Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)