The Nats kept their celebrations lively in 2012, with low fives, silent treatments, helmet snatching, mimicked deer hunts and bubble gum showers.

Seems like this trend will continue in 2013.

Bryce Harper’s first home run on Monday — the one caught by that Jayson Werth look-a-like — led Harper to flash his trademark “I Love You” sign to his loved ones in the crowd.

Then Ian Desmond snatched his helmet, because that’s what Ian Desmond does.

Harper’s second homer was more exciting. First there was another “I Love You” sign to the crowd.

(Larry Downing/Reuters)


Then another Desmond helmet snatching.


Then Harper did something weird I haven’t seen before with a teammate whose face wasn’t pictured.

And then he appeared to ask Chad Tracy if he should go out and wave to the crowd.

Which he finally did.

By Rob Carr/Getty Images.