Stuart Wallace and Stephanie Springer (Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)


Only the most loyal Nats fans can say that they got married on opening day.

Stephanie Springer, 35, and Stuart Wallace, 36, of Cleveland Park tied the knot at the courthouse in D.C. Monday morning with Nats blogger (and photographer extraordinaire) Cheryl Nichols acting as witness and photographer. When the ceremony was over, Springer stayed in her off-white dress and heels, Wallace threw a hoodie on over his shirt and tie, and they headed to Nats Park for the game.

“We originally thought he was going to be starting a job a few weeks ago,” explained Springer, who has been with Wallace for three and a half years. “We picked this date for our wedding to make sure that he could get off for opening day.”

The job situation changed, but the wedding plans did not.

(Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post) Dennis and Suzanne Jimmink. (Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)

Dennis and Suzanne Jimmink, 54 and 55, also got married on opening day before heading to Nats Park and, like Springer and Wallace, they promised me that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

“Although if you knew us, you might think that,” laughed Dennis. “We were originally planning on getting married in July. But things kept changing and started falling into place and we thought this just made so much sense.”

The Jimminks decided to shed their wedding garb after the home ceremony and change into Nats gear for the game, with “Just Married” and the wedding date on the backs of their curly “W” polo shirts. The couple met a little more than a year ago and said that they fell in love over Nats games. Suzanne also fell in love with America’s favorite pastime.

“He taught me to love baseball,” she said. “We came to games, and he answered all my questions about baseball.”

Dennis shrugged, like it was a no-brainer.

“She wanted to learn,” he said. “We did a lot of bonding over baseball.”

As for having an April Fool’s Day anniversary, both said that the date is appropriate for them.

“We laugh a lot,” explained Suzanne. “So this was natural for us.”

Best Bog wishes to both couples.

(Thanks to Cheryl Nichols and @mags_1010 for the tips)