“Thirsty [baseball] fans pay the most at Washington Nationals games — where, unless they take advantage of a $5 drink special before the first pitch, the cheapest beer available is a 16-ounce can for $8,” CNN Money reported this week. “For half that, beer drinkers can get a 12-ounce draft at Cleveland Indians games. The best deal? A 14-ounce beer for $4 at Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field.”

The network’s survey included just 26 of baseball’s 30 teams; the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays and Blue Jays — showing weird AL East solidarity — did not respond.

In any case, several Nats fans noted the $9 beer price at Friday’s game with the Yankees. Sarah, who is at the Park now, sent along these photos. As you can see, domestic drafts are $8.25, premium drafts and domestic bottles are $9, and premium bottles are $9.75.

When the stadium opened five years ago, premium bottles were $6.50, and domestic drafts, premium drafts and domestic bottles were all $7.50.