(Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post) (Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)

Denard Span had a cadre of family members in attendance at Monday’s Nats opener, and his father indicated that that it might be a regular occurrence. Span agrees.

“We’re so close,” he said of the Nats’ proximity to his family’s home base in New York. “Me playing in D.C. is a lot closer than I was in Minnesota, so they’ll probably make a habit of making the road trip.”

The matching “Span Fan” T-shirts helped the group stand out, but it wasn’t a new moniker. Fans of the Nats outfielder have been calling themselves “Span Fans” for a while, and a fan group even secured a Twitter handle for it when Span was still with the Twins (although they might want to reconsider the motto, “Span will always be a Twin”).

As for his own family, Span welcomes the posse.

“You’re probably going to see quite a few Span Fans running around the stadium,” he laughed.