If you’re headed to the Orioles’ home opener at Camden Yards on Friday, bring the Pepto. The Orioles are taking you on a culinary food tour fit for only the strongest of tummies. The team’s Twitter account has been posting photos of the ballpark’s new food offerings and they’re, well, interesting.

For instance, bacon on pulled pork on a hot dog. It’s like a meat totem pole.

Or perhaps some pad thai noodle salad, edamame bao and korean beef or chicken taco with kimchi.

How about an Old Bay Roma sausage in a pretzel roll topped with house-made Old Bay crab dip, that apparently you need a weapon to cut?

Even the waffle fries need a cholesterol warning. Baltimore!

And then you can finish it all off with a cupcake filled with Bailey’s Irish Cream mousse, topped with a Jameson buttercream icing & a side of vanilla ice cream.

I gained 10 pounds just writing this post.