When the Nats announced that season tickets were going digital this season, the most unhappiness I heard came from fans who like to collect ticket stubs. Often to amazingly extensive degrees.

To help assuage such fans, the club said it would sell 3-by-7-inch commemorative tickets on “high-quality stock” both at Nats Park and online. The cost was not initially announced, but COO Andy Feffer wrote on a WaPo chat that “commemorative tickets will be available each game for a nominal fee, with all proceeds benefiting the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation.”

Well, opening day has come and gone, and we now know more about these tickets. Here is one, purchased for $3 by reader @dcinwashington.

“Nothing special,” he wrote, in response to my questions. “Not like the old tix with pictures. But nice souvenir.”

The blogger behind Let Teddy Win conducted a much more extensive survey of fans; “an informal poll of season ticket holders at the park and on Facebook produced a flood of reactions ranging from mild disappointment to unprintable outrage,” he wrote. Read some of the many negative responses here.

And, in case you’re unfamiliar, this is what the old season tickets looked like.