(Rob Carr/Getty)


Within a few hours of Jayson Werth using “Werewolves of London” as his walk-up music on opening day, one prominent-ish fan — former WaPo political blogger Dan Froomkin — wondered if this thing had long-term potential.


And some fans quickly responded that it was already on its way.



Wednesday night the music was back, and a different fan — @andrewtabs — helpfully grabbed some video. Now, the somewhat unfortunate truth is that Werth’s beard appears significantly smaller than it did several weeks ago in Florida. But still, he’s about as close to a werewolf as any Major Leaguer could reasonably be expected to be.

(And yes, I think that’s actually Mark Lerner in Werth’s sunglasses. Open the image larger and stare real close.)

(First blogged by the sleep-hating Nats Enquirer.)