The first non-weekend non-opening day home game is often among the least attended of a baseball season. It’s April, and it’s often chilly, and the buzz from opening day is gone, and the playoffs are a million miles away, and there aren’t any hat giveaways, and school is in session, and there are still regular season hockey and NBA games to watch.

For the Nats, that particular game drew 16,245 fans in 2012, and 13,413 fans in 2011. This year, in other words, the team sold more hot dogs for its first non-weekend non-opening day home game than it had drawn people in 2011.

Yes, that’s right, Wednesday was dollar dog night at Nats Park, and the team reported hot dog sales just shy of 15,000. That was for a crowd of 26,269, meaning every single human counted averaged better than a half of a hot dog. (Each person was limited to two dollar dogs each trip through the line.)

Of course, this meant there were lines. A team spokeswoman said the club recognizes that lines were long on Wednesday night, and is working on ways to minimize the wait time for future dollar dog nights. The next dollar dog night is scheduled for May 8.

Also, as seen below, not every dollar dog is created equal.

(Photos by @andrewtabs, @cnichols14, @ryanjkelly and andrewjh.)