Who says Alex Ovechkin isn’t a leader?

Barely a week after Ovechkin chopped off his hair, his teammate and pal Mike Green followed suit. And their explanations were virtually identical.

“My hair was too big,” Ovechkin said, approximately. “And my head is big, and my hair is big, so my helmet gets too small. So I have to make a haircut.”

“Kicking it old school,” Green wrote on Twitter. “Helmet wouldn’t fit anymore so I needed a hair cut.”

The difference, as you can see, wasn’t particularly subtle.

Anyhow, in his first four games post-haircut, Ovechkin had four goals and two assists. In his first post-haircut contest on Thursday night, Green scored the game’s first goal and earned the third star. Haircuts for everyone.

Also, Green appears to have finger tattoos that I didn’t know about.

(First blogged, with action photos, by Caps Outsider)