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Nats Presidents race to include character from HBO’s ‘VEEP’

(Image via the Nats.)

By introducing a William Howard Taft presidential mascot, the Nats taught me about history.

By welcoming a giant-headed mascot representing Vice President Selina Meyer, “the star of HBO’s hit comedy series VEEP, as a guest competitor in the GEICO Presidents Race,” the Nats taught me about brand platform integration marketing management branding, approximately.

Yes, that’s right, the Julia Louis-Dreyfus character from that HBO show — or a presidentialized version of her, anyhow — will partner with Teddy against the team of Abe and Taft in a presidential relay race at Nats Park Tuesday night, in advance of Sunday’s 10 p.m. season two premier. She/it will also be in the center-field plaza before the game, and will be involved in several in-game promotions.

The Selina mascot, made by the same folks who manufacture the presidents, has been cruising around D.C.’s sites in recent days, in preparation for this momentous announcement.

“We heard #SelinaTheVeep is on her way to POTUS with a new bill in hand, and is fixin’ to hit it out of the park,” the show’s Twitter page posted, along with the White House image below. If more than 10 people inferred this was going to lead to a relay race, bully for them.

The Presidents Race has had non-presidents compete before, most famously the Pittsburgh Pierogis and the Milwaukee Sausages. This, though, will mark the first time a television character will appear in the race.

Update: The all-knowing Let Teddy Win points out below that a (feline) character from The Family Guy has previously appeared in the race.