Courtesy Maryland Athletics.


Randy Edsall was a guest in the Comcast SportsNet Caps broadcast booth during Sunday night’s Caps game. As sometimes happens in such situations, Edsall was sort of being mildly interviewed while the game was still going on.

Often in such cases, the play-by-play man will interrupt the guest if things start happening on the ice, or field, or whatever. (And also, fans on Twitter will complain about this disruption of the play-by-play.) But in this particular case, Edsall was mid-answer when Alex Ovechkin scored his first goal of the night on a tip in front of the net. Which led to this.

“Well I really feel good about where we’re at,” Edsall said. “We’ve developed more depth on our team. And we’ve got a really good schedule — we play our four non-conference games, get a week off, there’s a goal right there.”


Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin took things from there. With a bit more gusto.

Edsall also discussed his team in greater depth during an intermission report. No goals were scored.