(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)


F.P. Santangelo sat down with Ryan Zimmerman before a recent game and played a game of word association. The idea was for Zimmerman to name the first word that came to mind when one of his Nats teammates was mentioned.

Here are Zimmerman’s answers. Some of these are definitely more flattering than others.

Bryce Harper: “Freak.”
Jayson Werth: “Gluten-free.”
Danny Espinosa: “Intense.”
Stephen Strasburg: “Phenom.”
Adam LaRoche: “As much as you don’t think so, focused.”
Chad Tracy: “Clydesdale.”
Tyler Clippard: “Goggles.”
Ian Desmond: “Most athletic guy on the team.”
Kurt Suzuki: “Clutch.”
Tyler Moore: “All-American guy. Heartthrob. We’ll go heartthrob.”
Roger Bernadina: “He likes to dance.”
Craig Stammen: “Bulldog.”
Drew Storen: “Stanford.”
Jordan Zimmermann: “Him and Craig are bulldog. Midwest, kinda all-American. Go out and do their job.”
Gio Gonzalez: “Smile. Laugh. Charismatic.”
Ross Detwiler: “Huh, Ross. Uh…he loves hockey. NHL.”

Poor Ross. At least he’s not “goggles.”

You can see the video of the interview here. Also, I might just have to steal Santangelo’s bit.