(Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images for WWE) (Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images for WWE)

Last spring when Robert Griffin III was drafted, Redskins teammate DeJon Gomes told me that enthusiastic fans had started mistaking him for the team’s newest star.

“The first time [I got mistaken for RGIII], I did a signing party at the stadium on the last day of the draft,” Gomes told me at the time. “It felt kinda weird because they were calling me his name, and I don’t know how to respond. Today, someone thought he was here in the flesh. Unfortunately, it was me. They were saying stuff about the draft and about being excited I’m here. I just smiled and laughed.”

WWE wrestler Kofi Kingston was on “4th & Pain” with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll, and he mentioned that he also gets mistaken for the Redskins quarterback.

“I get a lot of RGIII comparisons,” he said. “I’ve been stopped at, like, several airports and people want to know, I swear God, man, they wanna know, ‘Hey, are you RGII? I’m like, ‘Come on man. We just have long hair. I’ve got dreadlocks, he has twists. They’re not even the same thing. But apparently people make that comparison. We’re both very athletic, to say the least. I might be a little bit faster.”

Carriker pressed Kingston for his 40-yard dash time, and the wrestler was forced to back down from his claim.

“No, he’s a lot faster than me for sure. For sure,” he laughed. “Especially now, I’ve definitely lost a step.”

Actually, if you’re going to challenge the rehabbing quarterback’s speed, I’d say now’s the time to do it.