Bryce Harper was honored this morning with a ceremonial resolution on Tuesday at City Hall in D.C. Apparently it was titled the “Bryce Harper National League Rookie of the Year Ceremonial Recognition Resolution of 2012.” (Really. It was.)

“I just want to thank Mike Rizzo, and the Washington Nationals for everything, and my family,” Harper said, while accepting the award. “Thank you guys.”

In addition to Vincent Orange, who presented the resolution, Jack Evans stepped up to speak as well.

“Thank you for all you have done,” said the Ward 2 council member. “We are pleased to honor you today, and we’re looking forward to a fabulous season.”

Aw, that’s nice. Let’s leave it at that. No? Okay.

“Hey, was anyone out there on opening day?” Evans continued. “Did anyone see Harper hit two home runs?  He’s on a track right now to hit 95 home runs. Just hit 60 and we’ll be happy.”

Harper hit 22 home runs last season, so I’d say asking for 60 in front of a crowd while honoring the 20-year-old with a ceremonial resolution is pretty bold. He’d better do it or next year’s ceremony will be the “Bryce Harper National League Failed to Hit 60 Ceremonial Recognition Resolution of 2013.”

Also worth noting is that Davey Johnson, who was also honored with a resolution, noticed that the City Council got his birthday wrong.

“I hope this was signed into law because I’m five years younger on that certificate,” he said, via DCist.

Where do I get one of those?