It’s unclear exactly when D.C. sports fans will enjoy one of those parade thingees we’re always hearing about. But the statues are already on the way.

Yes, that’s right, the Ballston Business Improvement District will unveil statues of D.C. area sports stars at Taste of Arlington next month.

Well, digital statues, anyhow.

The “augmented reality” statues, as they’re called, will pop up when a tablet or smart phone is pointed at the “AR marker.” The “statues” are actually brief three-dimensional videos that can be photographed. Ovechkin will film his video this week; John Wall and Chris Pontius “statues” will also be unveiled next month.

The BID has plans to later feature Ted Leonsis, local business leaders, and historic figures. The statues are part of a larger Ballston BID mobile application project that will also include Ballston mapping and event listings.

“All of the facets of Ballston’s dynamic personality shine with this creative venture,” BID President Tina Leone told Washington Business Journal, which first reported on the project. “It’s high-tech, brainy, artistic, sporty, athletic, mobile and, most of all, fun.”