Adam LaRoche’s solo eighth-inning home run on Tuesday night seemed like a meaningless if fun little late-inning trifle, a nice follow-up to his earlier blast but not a central part of the game’s result.

After the White Sox scored two in the ninth, though, LaRoche’s homer wound up being the game winner.

Also, a lot of stuff was happening before, during and after the home run. Let’s recap.

Above, you can see two dudes having a kiss right as LaRoche swung. Impeccable timing. And yes, I would have also pointed this out had it been a dude and a woman, or a woman and a woman, or a dude and Screech, so long as the timing was similarly impeccable.

And now we backtrack a bit, to a White Sox fan sitting in the outfield who earlier in the night was celebrating the excitement of baseball by reading a newspaper.

“Some dude just reading the paper in the bottom of the 7th in a 6-5 game!” Reader Ryan noted when he sent me this photo.

Yes, he was a White Sox fan. And yes, one inning later, this same gentleman managed to snag the LaRoche home run ball. Of course he did.

Now back to LaRoche. Last year, you’ll recall, Michael Morse would fling mass quantities of bubble gum at home runners when they returned to the dugout. I assumed that tradition went to Seattle. I assumed wrong. Check out Kurt Suzuki when LaRoche walked through the dugout accepting congratulations. He’s the one all the way in the back, hiding a little sweet surprise.

A good time was had by all.