(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)


Davey Johnson was on with the Junkies on 106.7 on Wednesday, and was asked about Bryce Harper’s aggressiveness. They specifically wanted to know how Johnson feels when Harper overthrows the cutoff or gets thrown out trying to stretch a single. Johnson, as is usually the case with the even-tempered Nats manager, isn’t worried.

“Did you make mistakes when you were 20?” Johnson asked. “He’s still young. He’s another big motor that’s real wound up. Sometimes the motor’s going so fast that the message going to it doesn’t get there. But he’s going to be fine.”

As for fixing the occasions when Harper overthrows the cutoff, Johnson has a solution.

“We may get one of those dart guns out in the bullpen,” he joked. “And when he goes out this year we shoot him right in the rear end and remind him, you know, get it down.”

The Nats bullpen having dart guns would be awesome. They could slow down opposing right fielders, influence the presidents race, take out fans who start the wave. Extreme baseball.

Johnson also mentioned that he’ll be depending on the bullpen for Master’s updates this weekend.

“You ever heard about the tape recording?” he asked, before realizing that he dated himself a bit. “I said a bad word, tape, didn’t I?

“Knowing Clippard, all I gotta do is call down there and say, ‘How’s Woods doing?'” he continued. “He’ll probably already know, he’ll be watching on TV down in the bullpen.”