If you had told me last month that before this baseball season’s second week was finished, one player would have used “Werewolves of London,” the theme music from “The Walking Dead,” and the theme music from “Game of Thrones” as his walk-up music, I like to think that I’d have identified Jayson Werth. Certainly wouldn’t have guessed Bryce Harper, at least.

In any case, Werth continues to state his case for most unusual pro baseball player in D.C. with his 2013 walk-up music, assuming you can read anything into one’s walk-up music. He used all three of the above-mentioned tunes on Wednesday night.

My pal and longtime reader @jennrubenstein was kind enough to send along video from Werth’s at-bat in the bottom of the sixth, when he used the “Game of Thrones” music.

The audio’s kind of hard to hear because of background noise, but the theme music is unmistakable to fans of the show.


(Oh, and it goes without saying that mad photoshopper Allan Petersen has already created this.)