After Rafael Soriano finally ended Tuesday night’s marathon by getting Paul Konerko to fly out to Denard Span, the MASN broadcast showed close-ups of two of the night’s offensive stars — Adam LaRoche and Jayson Werth — before finally panning to Soriano and Wilson Ramos.

But by that time, Soriano’s jersey was already untucked. Some Nats fans, who quite enjoy watching the untucking process unfold, were disappointed.


To satisfy this crowd, I went ahead and watched the end of the White Sox home broadcast, which featured a nice long shot of Soriano in the process of untucking.

Furthermore, after Soriano’s second save of the season — which also came in the second game against the Marlins — the MASN shots of untucking were extremely brief, and required repeated viewings to notice. So I freeze-framed that one, too. Never let it be said that the D.C. Sports Bog does not provide service journalism to untuck-starved Nats fans.