Ike Williams and RGIII pose with the Wayans brothers at the D.C. Improv (via marlonlwayans on Instagram) Ike Williams and RGIII pose with the Wayans brothers at the D.C. Improv (via marlonlwayans on Instagram)

Former Baylor running back Ike Williams received an invite to Redskins rookie mini-camp, and the college teammate of Robert Griffin III talked to Son of Washington about getting to work with the quarterback.

“I always like to refer to me and Robert as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen,” he said. “You know, he’s Mike and I’ll be Pippen. We’ll aways be both out there making plays and having fun. I feel like if we was to get the chance to be in the backfield together there’d be a lot of times I’d feed off of him and he’d feed off of me and we’d just give the Redskins fans a lot to go crazy about. He’s already done that, he and Alfred have done a great job, but I feel like the chemistry and history that me and Robert have is ridiculous and I just can’t wait to get out there again.”

Aw, that’s awesome. Two friends reunited on the field. Jordan and Pippen. Bert and Ernie.

And then it got a little weird.

“I told Robert already, whenever you work out, I work out,” he said, when asked about learning from RGIII. “Whenever you go throw, I’ll catch. If you go take a poop, I’ll flush.”

I’m sure RGIII has had a lot of offers, and I’m willing to bet that this one is a first. If he makes the team, I can tell you right now what this guy’s rookie hazing is going to be.

“So that’s my mentality that I’m going into rookie mini-camp with, and that’s my mentality I’m going to take with me making the 53-man roster,” he continued. “Just to use Robert as much as I can from a mental standpoint. Like I said, the athletic and everything like that, that’s there. That’s God-given. But I will try my best to get under Robert’s skin. He may get tired of me after a while but that’s what I plan on doing, just learning a lot of mental stuff from him, asking a lot of questions and then asking more questions, and then after that ask more questions.”

How long before Griffin sends him to flush toilets, just to get him to stop asking questions?

(Quotes via audio provided by Sons of Washington.)