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The best nugget from Gene Wang’s bright about Doug Williams and Roger Staubach’s afternoon at the Naval Academy came about midway through.

Williams arrived at the stadium wearing a Grambling track suit with a name tag that read: “Doug Williams Old RGIII”. Williams, who was an assistant coach with the Midshipmen in 1994, said he had a chance to meet Robert Griffin III Sunday at a sports memorabilia show during which the two players signed autographs.

“Every team in the National Football League needs a quarterback,” Williams said. “It’s quarterback-driven league, and I think the Redskins have really come up with the leader of the future, and that is RGIII.”

That nametag though. Luckily, @_JakeRussell provided an image. And also some additional quotes, via his Twitter page:

“You’re talking about a guy that’s complete phenom and came in here blazin’,” Williams said of RGIII. “He came in here Heisman Trophy winner, Rookie of the Year. Naturally he’s going to get as much pub as there is out there especially when he got hurt because people want to see him back. It’s not so much overblown, it’s the fact that they want to cover RGIII.”