John McDonnell/The Washington Post
John McDonnell/The Washington Post

As part of the Redskins organization’s continuing effort to keep the expectations on their young quarterback as reasonable and rational as possible, Pierre Garcon said on Thursday that Robert Griffin III will be as good as future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

“Do you think Robert can be as prolific or be as good as Peyton in his own way?” Steve Wyche asked Garcon on the NFL Network.

“Yeah he can be,” Garcon said. “He can be just as good as Peyton. Peyton is very skilled with his arm; Robert is skilled with his arm and his legs, so that’s what makes him more dynamic and more dangerous. But they are very similar. Quarterbacks are natural leaders; they take control of the huddle, the meetings and their teammates around them, and communicate with all of the players from offensive linemen to receivers and running backs….Robert’s gonna be very good, and just as good as Peyton.”

Just as good as Peyton Manning. Cool. Keep things chill. Maybe don’t launch any of the Joe Montana comparisons until May or June and we should be good.

You do have to sympathize with Garcon, though. The first three questions he faced were about himself; the next four were about Griffin and/or Kirk Cousins. This is how it’s been for every Redskins player this offseason. Heck, when Garcon went on ESPN Radio on Wednesday, the very first question was about RGIII and Cousins.

“You can’t come on as a Washington Redskin without talking about RGIII,” Mark Schlereth said.

“When a guy can throw the ball 70, 80 yards and he’s just as fast as a receiver, then he’s a good quarterback,” Garcon said of Griffin. “Having a quarterback that can do the same thing as receivers and running backs, that’s special in itself.”