Holden and Danny of 106.7 The Fan asked Stephen Strasburg about the possibility of pitching a complete game. It seems like Strasburg, who has never pitched a major league game past the seventh, would settle for just one more inning for now.

“Hopefully Davey will loosen the leash a little but here at some point and let me go past the seventh,” he joked. “So I think I’m more focused on the eighth inning right now.”

Sure, he was laughing, but he probably wasn’t completely kidding.

The avid golfer also had a few things to say about this weekend’s Masters, and being starstruck by professional golfers.

“Yeah, from what I’ve seen so far,” he replied, when asked if he thought Tiger Woods was back. “I got a chance, I saw him out at Bay Hill and then I also saw him out at Torrey Pines back in San Diego before we came out to spring training, and it’s impressive. The ball comes off his club just a little bit different than everybody else.

“I’ve never met him,” he continued. “I met Bubba Watson and Ricky Fowler. Adam LaRoche took us out to play Isleworth in spring training, so that’s the closest I’ve gotten, I guess, to celebrities. But, man, it’s kinda starstruck seeing golfers, being fans and watching them on TV. It kinda makes you realize how some of the younger fans look at you. It’s kinda funny.”