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Among the worst things that happened during the Braves’ three-game weekend sweep of the Nats: The Braves radio crew kept saying “Natitudinal Adjustment.”

This started on Friday night, when the Braves somehow erased a 4-0 lead to earn a 6-4 extra-innings victory. Going into the bottom of the 10th, the radio crew of Jim Powell and Don Sutton was already feeling it.

“Craig Kimbrel coming on to hopefully complete a Natitudinal Adjustment for the Washington ballclub,” I believe Sutton said. “Braves coming all the way back, now leading it 6-4.”

“Natitudinal Adjustment, huh?” Powell later said.

“Hey the game’s supposed to be fun, right?” Sutton asked.

“Yes it is,” Powell agreed. “And it’s a lot more fun when your number’s bigger than their number, isn’t it?”

The Braves won, of course, and then won again on Saturday and Sunday. Which led to this from Powell.

“And the Braves have completed a Natitudinal Adjustment here in Washington this weekend, as they sweep the Nats and head out of town on a perfect road trip that finished 6-0,” he said. ” A bear hug, literally, as Gattis squeezes Gearrin, and the Braves squeeze their 11th win of the season….The final score today as the Braves complete the sweep, Atlanta 9, Washington nothing.”

Braves fans, not surprisingly, approved of this phrase. Like, lots of them. Repeatedly.











One enterprising fan even made this graphic, although the phrase isn’t exactly correct.